Makoti District organized
    The first school organized in the Makoti area was started by Mrs. T. O. Sennes in 1904, in what is Orlien Township. In 1905, Orlien School District was organized, and three school houses were built. After Makoti District was organized, the first Makoti school election was held September 5, 1913. A school board had to be elected in order to prepare a way for consolidation. Until the spring of 1914, two one-room schools had been maintained. That summer, Orlien township school district voted unanimously to consolidate with Makoti school district and became Makoti School District No. 153.
School building built
    The district was bonded for $10,000 to erect a four-room school building with a full basement. The building was of white brick and cost $11,000. Work was begun on August 14, 1914, and it was completed in December the same year.
High School Organized and First Graduating Class
    The first high school was organized in the fall of 1917. In 1921, the first graduation exercise was held.
    The graduates were
    • Herman Timm, the son fo the late Dr. & Mrs. Timm, who became a dentist and practiced in Portland, Oregon.
    • Laura Hoff, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Hoff became a registered nurse.
Property purchased
    On March 31, 1927 the classes of 1926, 27, and 28 purchased the property north and east of the school property for trees and playground which is now known as North Shore Athletic Field.
School Fire
    George H. Moyer was elected superintendent in the mid 1920's. His wife also taught in the system. One night, about the middle of May, in 1931, the school building burned to the ground. The building was all aflame when discovered, so all records were also lost. Many students thought they had an early vacation; but by morning Mr. Moyer and the school board had plans to finish the year, with school continuing by making use of the Lutheran Church basement, the firehall, and the Methodist church.
New School Built
    The board immediately started proceedings for a new building. By August, the same year, the foundation was completed; and by January first, classes were resumed in the new building. This is the building now being used. The contractor was Thorvald Braathen of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The architect was Ira Rush of Minot. The approximate cost was $53,000. This writer recalls wages of 25 cents per hour for unskilled workmen.
  • The principal was Thomas Buchanan- 1914
  • O. M. Frazer, superintendent - 1917-
  • George H. Moyer mid 1920's -1931
  • Mr. Barker was elected superintendent.  1931-32 He stayed only one year
  • Rudolph Sando -1932-1939
  • Mr. J. L. Pennington 1939-1942
  • M. W. Gunter was the superintendent in 1942, 1943, and 1944.
  • E. S. Johnson was superintendent for the next five years (1944-1949. He then went to Crosby, ND and later moved to the west coast.
  • Frank Bauman took over the reins for the next three years.(1949-1953)
  • James and Mrs. Peterson joined the faculty; he as superintendent and she as first and second grade teacher. There were here for 13 years. (1953-1966)
  • Lowell Jeske was superintendent during the 1966-67 school year.
  • Darryl Strube became superintendent in the fall of 1967-1969
  • Harold Hanson was superintendent for one year 1969-1970
  • Ronald Hauf was hired as superintendent in the fall of 1970-1982
  • Curtis Herman--1982-1986
  • Edward Hammer  1988-1991
  • Donald Christianson  1991-1992
  • Roland Loney  1992-1994
  • Norman Batterberry  1994-1997
  • Jim McQueen 1997-2003
  • Brian Nelson 2003-

    It was during the years that James Peterson was Superintendent, the Makoti High School became Makoti Special School District No. 153 in 1957. This was the first step towards reorganization. After a long struggle, Makoti Special School District became Makoti Community Special School District No. 153 in 1960. The school board and interested parties worked long and hard to achieve a larger school district. Many trips were made to Minot and Bismarck and many reorganization meetings were held. Much careful planning went into this project; and in December of 1960, the new district became a reality.

Remodeling the School
    With the larger district, more classrooms were needed. In 1961, the Board, along with the support of the patrons, entered into another building project. A contract was let for the remodeling of the original building; adding 4 classrooms, a large science room with all new modern science equipment, a large gym, 2 restrooms, stage, 2 dressing rooms and an additional heating unit. The old gym was remodeled into a new modernly equipped kitchen and dining room.
     The Makoti athletic teams were called the Cardinals. In 1962, Makoti Cardinals took the State Class C Basketball Championship.
Merger with Ryder
     In the Spring of 1969 because of enrollment dropping both in Makoti and Ryder and because of farsightedness on the part of Superintendent Darryl Strube of Makoti High and Superintendent J. I. Bakken of Ryder High School, they proposed to the school boards that the time was ripe for talks between the Makoti and Ryder boards to discuss some kind of a merger in order to give our students, a more complete curriculum. After frequent meetings of Makoti and Ryder boards, a decision was reached that this merger should be on a trial basis for one full year. The seventh and eighth grades and his school students were to be at the Makoti school, and all the first grades at the Ryder school. Each district was to bus their own students. The school boards met jointly all year. By January 1970, it was felt by both boards that the program was progressing satisfactorily, and it should consider making it permanent. Again, educational and reorganizational meetings were held in both districts. A legal plan was presented to the patrons of both districts, and it carried by a large majority. The new district took effect July 1, 1970.
Choosing a Name
  • The Board requested suggestions from the patrons for a name for the district. The name selected was North Shore Public School District.
  • The students were allowed to pick the name they wished for their athletic teams. They chose Panthers.
First North Shore School Board
    The first board elected was
      From the old Makoti District
      • Geneil Evanchenko
      • Helmet Schenfisch
      • Richard Frye
      From the old Ryder District
      • Everett Wurtz
      • Jerry Petz
      • Lloyd Peterson
      Member at Large
        Russell Johanson
Remodeling Updates
    In 1984 the State Fire Marshall's office in their inspection suggested several improvements to update both buildings to comply with fire and health regulations. Fire doors were installed in Makoti and extensive remodeling was done in Ryder.
Athletic Mergers
  • North Shore combined with Plaza's athletic department in the fall of 1990. (Plaza joined the school districts in 2001). The students chose Wildcats as their name for their athletic teams.
  • North Shore-Plaza also combined with Parshall in Football.

Edited from history written by Erhart Petersen for 1971 Alumni booklet and history written in Makoti Diamond Jubilee Booklet

Lewis and Clark School District
In 2003, the District became known as the Lewis and Clark School District as Ryder, Makoti, Plaza and Berthold joined together.
We are now combined in football, volleyball, golf, and baseball. In baseball we are also combined with Parshall. The boys basketball team is combined with White Shield.

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